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Augusta-Bender-Schule Mosbach

Augusta-Bender-Schule in Mosbach

Augusta-Bender-Schule is a vocational school (Upper Secondary and Secondary) for Social Pedagogics, Care, Nutritional Science, Biotechnology, and Agriculture


Augusta-Bender-Schule is located in Mosbach (Link to the city of Mosbach), a town with about 25,000 inhabitants in the north of Baden-Wurttemberg. Mosbach is situated in a rural area on the edge of the Rhine-Neckar-Region, a metropolitan area with about 2.4 million inhabitants including the major cities Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg. Many firms are located in this area and they are constantly looking out for well-educated young women and men who are geographically mobile and have the required personal, social as well as job-related skills.

In our school there are about 65 teachers and 650 students of all social backgrounds. Our main subjects are STEM subjects (especially Nutritional Science and Biotechnology), Care, Social Pedagogics and Agriculture.
Augusta-Bender-Schule has close ties to different schools across Europe. We have participated in various Comenius and Erasmus projects and are always interested in new partnerships.